The CP Shield is applied to absorb shock and impact to help eliminate carbide fracturing


•All CP Snow Plow Parts are manufactured to offer the ultimate in wear resistance at the lowest possible cost.

•Parts are computer designed and field tested to offer the customer optimum protection in critical wear areas while assuring the easiest installation possible.

•CP’s standard offering of Snow plow accessories include Runner and Nose Shoes, Curb Guards and Edge Extenders.

•Snow Plow blades are offered in a range of steel options to compliment any application.

•Tungsten Carbide is added in a variety of ways to increase the wear life of many parts by as much as 20 times over steel alone.

•Flexible manufacturing also allows Black Cat to offer customized solutions for any application.

Available Profiles

3/4” x 5” 12.75 lbs
3/4” x 6” 15.36 lbs
7/8” x 5” 14.86 lbs
7/8” x 6” 17.85 lbs
3/4” x 5” Curved 12.25 lbs
1” x 7” Curved 24.00 lbs

Tungsten Carbide Protection Options

Tungsten Carbide is an extremely hard wear material that will resist abrasion very well.

Because of this high hardness, the inserts are subject to fracturing in some applications.

Several options are available to protect the carbide insert to prolong the life of the blade.

The BCB Shield is applied to absorb shock and impact to help eliminate carbide fracturing. Carbide Overlay is applied to the face of the steel holder blade to harden the surface and keep the face from wearing too quickly in abrasive applications.

Carbide Over Carbide is the ultimate in protection, an impact grade carbide tile is brazed in place over the high wear grade carbide insert to absorb shock and eliminate face wear.

Tungsten Carbide Inserts

•Several carbide insert options are available to suit the many different applications and requirements.

•The most popular insert in North America is the 25 degree trapezoid shape.

•Some agencies specify larger inserts like the 40 degree trap.

•The size and shape of the insert is often specified by the requesting agency.

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