The all-time sweeping classic for street sweeping brush applications. Compare our filament weight with the cheaper brooms, and you’ll see why Construction Parts Tube Brooms are the right choice.

  • Compatible with the most popular street sweepers on the road today
  • Better flick action for thorough debris collection
  • Made with MB virgin polypropylene filament
  • More sweeping ends per square inch of broom face
  • Tight and consistent broom wraps for impressive sweeping results


Superior Broom Poly W / End Plates




Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty: Subject to the limitations set forth herein, M-B Companies, Inc. of Wisconsin (“M-B”) warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period six (6) months from the date of delivery of the product to its original owner, except that the warranty is twelve (12) months solely for the following products: Truck Mounted Pavement Marking Equipment, Wood and Brush Chippers, and Airport Runway Brooms. All other products are covered by the six-month warranty. Parts shall have a ninety (90) day warranty. This
warranty is not transferable without the written consent of M-B.

Notice: M-B’s obligations under this Limited Warranty are conditioned on M-B receiving, within the warranty period, written notice from Buyer specifying the nature of any alleged defect and requesting corrective action by Seller.

Remedies: M-B, at its option, will repair or replace, or provide a credit to Buyer for, defective
warranted items. If requested by M-B, products or parts for which a warranty claim is made shall be returned, transportation prepaid, to M-B’s factory. Buyer shall not return any product for repair, replacement or credit without M-B’s advance written consent. Other Manufacturer’s Warranty: On products furnished by M-B, but manufactured by any other manufacturer, the warranty of said manufacturer, if any, will be assigned to Buyer, if the said warranty is assignable. However, M-B does not represent or guarantee that such manufacturer will comply with any of the terms of the warranty of such manufacturer. Exclusions: Any improper use, operation beyond capacity, or substitution of parts not approved by M-B, or alteration or repair by others in such a manner as in M-B’s judgment materially and/or adversely affects the product shall void this warranty. This warranty does not apply to defects
caused by damage or unreasonable use while in the possession of the owner, including but not limited to: failure to provide reasonable and necessary maintenance, normal wear, routine tune-ups or adjustments, improper handling or accidents, operation at speed or load conditions contrary to published specifications, improper or insufficient lubrication, or improper storage.

Seller manufactures power brooms that mount to many makes and models of equipment. Seller attempts to ensure that the mounting frames fit correctly. However, the large number of tractor models, types and options currently available, compounded by frequent manufacturer design changes, may prevent Seller from supplying a frame that fits every unit correctly. Therefore, unless Buyer supplies drawings which detail the attachment points on the specific unit to which the broom will be mounted, Seller will not be responsible for the fit of the mounting frame.

The batteries, tires, rubber materials, brushes and material normally consumed in operation, and major components such as engines, air compressors, and hydraulic pumps and motors are excluded from this warranty but may be covered to the extent of any warranty received by M-B from its supplier if permitted by the terms of such warranty.

Limitations of liability: M-B shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, punitive or
special damages of any kind, including, but not limited to, consequential labor costs or transportation charges in connection with the repair or replacement of defective parts, or lost time or lost profits or expense which may have accrued because of said defect.

M-B disclaims all other warranties, whether express or implied, including but not limited to any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This warranty is the exclusive remedy of buyer. This warranty cannot be extended, broadened or changed in any respect except in writing by an authorized officer of M-B.

Notwithstanding anything in this warranty to the contrary, in no event shall M-B’s total liability hereunder exceed the purchased price of the particular product.

About Our Brooms

  • CP tube brooms are compatible with most street sweepers in the market today. All tube brooms are made from the highest quality of virgin polypropylene. All Poly, poly/wire, and heavy duty options are available for most street sweepers. Due to the high broom wrap and high quantity of bristle ends per square inch, our tube brooms have excellent sweeping performance and is effective in debris collection. All tube brooms are expertly assembled in the U.S.A.


  • CP tube brooms are compatible with the following manufacturers: Elgin, Gravely, Johnston, Challenger, Mobil, Schwarze, Rosco, Broce, Steiner, Sunvac, Wayne, Tennant, Tymco, Vacall, Superior, Vanguard

Tube Broom Chart

Broom Bear101-13790858" Main Broom Poly8.625''36''58''
Broom Bear101-13736558" Main Broom Poly HD8.625''36''58''
Broom Bear101-13790958" Main Broom Poly/ Wire8.625''36''58''
Elgin101-137916Elgin Whirlwind Poly tube Broom3''16''60.25''
Elgin101-137917Elgin Whirlwind Poly/ Wire Tube Broom3''16''60.25''
Elgin101-137914Elgin Whirlwind MV Main Broom Poly3''16''54''
Elgin101-137915Elgin Whirlwind MV Main Broom Poly/ Wire3''16''54''
Elgin101-137916Elgin Geo Vac Main Broom Poly3''16''60.25''
Elgin101-137917Elgin Geo Vac Main Broom Poly/ wire3''16''60.25''
Elgin101-137918Elgin Eagle/Road Wizard Main Broom Poly8.625''36''60''
Elgin101-137361Elgin Eagle/Road Wizard Main Broom Poly HD8.625''36''60''
Elgin101-137919Elgin Eagle Main Broom Poly / Wire8.625''36''60''
Elgin101-137920Elgin Pelican Main Broom Poly8.625''36''66''
Elgin101-137308Elgin Pelican Main Broom Poly HD8.625''36''66''
Elgin101-137921Elgin Pelican Main Broom Poly/Wire8.625''36''66''
Elgin101-137922Elgin Crosswind Tube Broom Poly2''11''78.875''
Elgin101-137321Elgin Crosswind Tube Broom Poly/Wire2''11''78.875''
Gravely101-137923Gravely Main Broom Poly3''16''44''
Gravely101-137924Gravely Main Broom Poly / Wire3''16''44''
Johnston101-137925Johnston 600, 605, 700 Main Broom Poly5.25''16''52.5''
Johnston101-137926Johnston 600,605, 700 Main Broom Poly/Wire5.25''16''52.5''
Johnston101-137418Johnston 350 Main Broom / End Plates8.625''36''58''
Johnston101-137415Johnsont 610 Poly/ Drive Lug5''16''50.625''
Johnston101-137927Johnston 650 Main Broom Poly X Drive4.25''16''50.375''
Johnston101-137928Johnston 650 Main Broom Poly SQ Drive4.25''16''50.625''
M-B Companies101-57226Tube Broom, 20'' X 60'' Poly2''20''60''
M-B Companies101-168160Tube Broom, 20'' X 60'' Poly/Wire2''20''60''
Mobil101-137908Mobil Poly Tube Broom8.625''36''58''
Mobil101-137365Mobil Poly Tube Broom HD8.625''36''58''
Mobil101-137909Mobil Poly/Wire Tube Broom8.625''36''58''
Schwarze101-137908Schwarze M5000/6000 Poly Tube Broom8.625''36''58''
Schwarze101-137909Schwarze M5000/6000 Poly/Wire Tube Broom8.625''36''58''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-137929Sweep Pro 90" Tube Broom Poly8.625''32''90''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-137941Sweep Pro 90" Tube Broom Poly HD8.625''32''90''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-137930Sweep Pro 90" Tube Broom Poly/Wire8.625''32''90''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793191" Tube Broom Poly 10" Core10''32''91''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793291" Tube Broom Poly/Wire 10" Core10''32''91''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793392" Tube Broom Poly 10" Core10''32''92''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793492" Tube Broom Poly/Wire 10" Core10''32''92''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-137906Broce Main Broom Poly - 8 5/8 Core8.625''32''96''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-137907Broce Main Broom 96'' Poly / Wire 8 5/8 Core8.625''32''96''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793596" Tube Broom Poly 10" Core10''32''96''
Sweep Pro/Rosco/Broce101-13793696" Tube Broom Poly / Wire 10" Core10''32''96''
Steiner101-168064Tube Broom, 22'' X 54'' Poly Tube Broom5''22''54''
Steiner101-168053Tube Broom 16'' X 54 Poly Tube Broom3''16''54''
Sunvac101-137340Sunvac Poly Tube Broom4''16''58''
Sunvac101-137341Sunvac Poly/Wire Tube Broom4''16''58''
Wayne/Tennant101-137342Tennant 830/Sentinal Poly Tube Broom8.625''24''50.75''
Wayne/Tennant101-137343Tennant 830 / Sentinal Poly/Wire Tube Broom8.625''24''50.75''
Wayne/Tennant101-137314Tennant Centurion Poly Tube Broom8.625''36''69''
Wayne/Tennant101-137344Tennant Centurion Poly/Wire Tube Broom8.625''36''69''
Tymco101-137346Tymco 600 BAH Series Poly Tube Broom2''12''78.75''
VACALL101-137294Vac-All, Poly3''16''40''
VACALL101-137295Vac-All Poly Wire Combo3''16''40''
Wayne/ Vanguard101-137297Wayne FMC Vanguard, Tube, Poly6''32''56.5''
Wayne/ Vanguard101-137298Wayne FMC Vanguard, Tube,Poly / Wire6''32''56.5''
Superior101-168023Superior Broom Poly W / End Plates10''32''96''
Superior101-168024Superior Broom Poly / Wire W End Plates10''32''96''

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