• The Series II design has proven itself reliable since its development in 1997.

• Built with both leading and cutting edges composed of T-1 Steel, this bucket provides you with the durability you need to work in a variety of applications.

• Customers can customize their buckets choosing teeth, adapters, lifting eyes, and side cutters as manufacturing options.



PSM Bucket Types

DITCHING BUCKETS: Ditch Cleaning Buckets are designed with a constant radius to facilitate the removal of collected sediment and debris in one pass while retaining the original ditch profile. PSM Buckets are constructed of low carbon high tensile steel for long life and low maintenance. Options include bolt on edges, drain holes and special capacities.

DEMOLITION BUCKETS: SM Demolition Special Buckets are designed for optimum performance in demolition. Featuring Cast leading edge protection over T-1 cutting edge, easily replaceable cast wear components protecting T-1 structure bucket, constructed with all High Tensile Low Carbon Steel for maximum wear, one piece replaceable outer wear plate (double bottom) with abrasive resistant wear strips forming triple bottom.

FROST ROCK BUCKETS: The Multi Shank Rock Ripper Bucket is engineered for penetration and digging in conditions like permafrost, consolidated sandstone, coral, and granite. It has “V” cutting edge with multiple ripper teeth placed to work like a grinder providing maximum penetration and production. The PSM Multi Shank Rock Ripper features the extreme wrap around leading edge, fully inserted lugg weldments, double bottom, and through mounted bottom teeth.

TRAPEZOID BUCKETS: The PSM Trapezoid Bucket is designed for trenching or ditching in various soils to provide a safe slope with a flat bottom. These buckets are available in varying widths with and without teeth, in standard and open top high volume designs.

V-BOTTOM ROCK BUCKETS: Our V-Bottom Rock Frost Bucket combines PSM quality and a proven design to provide the maximum efficiency for digging in frost, shale, and rock. These extreme duty buckets use specialized angle adapters to ensure high production when operating in these extreme conditions. High tensile low carbon steel throughout provide for durability and dependability.

CANAL BUCKETS: The PSM Canal Bucket is purpose designed to clean vegetation and debris from canals and irrigation ditches. Its open design quickly allows water to drain while capturing debris. The low weight to capacity is ideal for Long Front machines.

About PSM

Pacific Services & Manufacturing (PSM LLC) and American Compaction Equipment are both known as leaders in quality attachments for the construction industry. These two companies now form the corner stone of Cascade Corporation’s entry into the construction attachments business.

Cascade Corporation is the World-leading manufacturer of forklift attachments. Providing customers with material handling products and solutions for over 70 years. Knowledge gained in engineering design, flexible manufacturing technology, application expertise and commitment to total customer satisfaction has set the field for its entry into the construction attachment business. The acquisition of American Compaction Equipment and PSM LLC provides a launch into this new arena.

Since 1983 PSM has developed a strong reputation for product innovation, quality and durability. Progressive link thumbs, heavy duty buckets, continuous rotating grapples, free hanging and rotating clamshells are just a few of the items manufactured for your excavator or wheel loader to maximize performance in a variety of applications. Its experienced sales and engineering staff is always ready to assist in analyzing your particular product challenges.

In the future the Cascade Eagle will be your sign that you are looking at the finest quality Construction Attachments and highest commitment to customer support you can find.

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