All Diamond Compaction Wheels include a removable O.E.M. Mount with pins and Soil Leveling Plate.

Diamond Wheels listed above are standard sheeps foot style.

Hex Pad and Wedge Pad Wheels measure 3″ + overall diameter smaller.

Special orders and custom wheels available.



SMALL17,500 - 27,500 LBSDC-12 B 11"32"2975 LBS
SMALL17,500 - 27,500 LBSDC-12 B 17"32"31250 LBS
SMALL17,500 - 27,500 LBSDC-24 B 23"32"31350 LBS
SMALL17,500 - 27,500 LBSDC-36 B 35"32"51650 LBS
STANDARD27,500 - 50,000 LBSDC-14 BL14"38"21650 LBS
STANDARD27,500 - 50,000 LBSDC-18 BL17"38"32350 LBS
STANDARD27,500 - 50,000 LBSDC-24 BL23"38"32450 LBS
STANDARD27,500 - 50,000 LBSDC-36 BL35"38"43250 LBS
STANDARD27,500 - 50,000 LBSDC-48 BL46"38"54050 LBS
MEDIUM50,000 - 75,000 LBSDC-18 EX18"42"33050 LBS
MEDIUM50,000 - 75,000 LBSDC-24 EX23"42"33250 LBS
MEDIUM50,000 - 75,000 LBSDC-36 EX35"42"44300 LBS
MEDIUM50,000 - 75,000 LBSDC-48 EX46"42"55450 LBS
LARGE75,000 - 110,000 LBSDC-24 EXL23"48"33900 LBS
LARGE75,000 - 110,000 LBSDC-36 EXL35"48"45250 LBS
LARGE75,000 - 110,000 LBSDC-48 EXL46"48"56450 LBS
LARGE75,000 - 110,000 LBSDC-60 EXL58"48"67700 LBS
EXTRA LARGE110,000 to 130,000 LBSDC-36 EXL-LB36"48"45250 LBS
EXTRA LARGE110,000 to 130,000 LBSDC-48 EXL-LB48"48"56450 LBS
EXTRA LARGE110,000 to 130,000 LBSDC-60 EXL-LB60"48"67700 LBS

How it Works

The one unique feature that makes the “WHEEL” so effective is its’ “OPEN RIM” design. The wheel is able to penetrate through the lift of trench fill and compact the soil from the bottom up rather than the top down.

The equipment operator, after using the “WHEEL” for a reasonable amount of time, can normally tell that he has reached his required compaction by the feel of the wheel in the ditch through the hydraulic controls of the machine.

Six to ten passes should be sufficient to achieve 95% and greater standard density in normal soil conditions.

** The Diamond Compaction Wheel, requiring no special hydraulics or systems for power, can increase compaction productivity by 75% or more.

** Each Diamond Compaction Wheel has been engineered and designed to whithstand the impact and thrust load demanded by the piece of equipment to which it is attached

** The Diamond Compaction Wheel can increase and promote job safety with the elimination of men working in the trench.

** The Diamond Compaction Wheel adds versatility to existing equipment already on the job, while reducing the need for high maintenance conventional compaction equipment.

** American Compaction Inc. has provided Diamond Compaction Wheels, service and technical assistance since 1987 and continues to offer the same today and for the future.

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