• Weight: 1.20 lbs
  • Length: n/a
  • Tooth Width: n/a
  • Pocket Width: n/a
  • Pocket Height: n/a
  • Tooth: X370, X370RC, X370T, X370WT, X370AP, X370ABR, X370RP3, X370F, X370SYL
  • Alternate Pins: P370, P370FL

Intended for use with machine operating weights of:

  • Excavators: Up to 75,000 lbs
  • Loaders: Breakout forces up to 77,000 lbs


This brand features a complete range of GET for machines from the small rubber tired backhoes to the largest draglines and cable shovels. Based on a taper fit design with top pin fastening and wear compensation, the Parabolic design is the original two piece system that stays tight.

  • Standard
  • Rock Chisel
  • Tiger
  • Twin Tiger
  • Abrasion Panelled
  • Abrasion
  • Rock Penetrator
  • Rock Penetrator – Heavy
  • Flare
  • Sharp, Ribbed
  • Long

Additional information

Weight 1.20 lbs

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