CP offers adapters for all excavator applications. The 1-1/2 bottom leg adapter is the most popular style. A 1-1/4 leg version is available in select sizes. The shorter top leg fits in the bucket to minimize carry back and allows quicker dumping.

Front End Loaders
CP offers a wide range of adapter designs to fit loaders in all applications. The 1-1/2 top leg adapter is the most popular and can be used in most abrasive applications. For general purpose applications or where a flush cut is needed, the flush mount style is the best selection. CP also offers bolt-on center and corner adapters to fit most popular machines.


  • Description: 1-1/2 Bottom Leg Adapter
  • Type: Bottom Lip Adapter
  • Part Number: 5856-v43
  • Lip Thickness: 2.00 “
  • Top Lip Length: 6.00 “
  • Bottom Lip Length: 11.00 “
  • Inside Lip Degree: 30
  • Adapter Width: 5.25
  • Nose: 10
  • Weight: 48.00 lbs

Additional information

Weight 48.00 lbs

Super-v Features & Benefits

Longer wear life and greater productivity

• Slimmer nose profile allows points to wear back further
• Innovative point shapes stay sharp and help buckets fill faster

Improved reliability

• Unique nose contour has greater fatigue resistance
• Each new point provides a new locking surface to keep the locking pin in place

Reduced fuel consumption and less maintenance

• Slim profile design requires less power to fill the bucket
• Improved penetration reduces load on the engine, tires, transmission and hydraulic system

Faster tooth replacement

• Vertical drive pin is quick and easy to remove and replace
• Unique system design minimizes the affects of impacted fines on tooth changes

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