Increased Productivity
• Triple taper design for faster loading and cleaner dumping
• Pick from any tooth system that works for your digging environment
• Forward projecting side reinforcing plates for increased penetration

Unsurpassed Durability
• Strong beams for torsion resistance
• T1 plate or cast lips provide structural integrity
• ESCO can match the correct duty class of the bucket to your application to increase bucket life and production

Reduced Maintenance
• ESCO uses the appropriate grade of steel for each bucket component to maximize strength and wear resistance
• Optional wear packages offer additional protection beyond the wear resistant steels used to fabricate the bucket

ESCO Service
• ESCO warrants all attachments to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for 1 year
• Engineers and field technicians with solutions for your applications
• ESCO representatives are located throughout North America to facilitate meeting customers’ needs


Standard Features

• Cast shrouds standard for side wear protection
• AR 400 full bottom wear runner and side wear strips
• Large formed beam to resist torsion in the connection area
• Tough, T-1 steel plate lip


• Compacted soils or dense clay
• Loosely embedded rock and gravel

Bucket Types

•STDP: General purpose excavating and bailing in dirt, clay, or sandy soil.

•HDP: Heavy-duty excavating in dense clay or soil and where occasional rock is encountered.

•HDP or XDP: Heavy-duty excavating in shot rock, dense clay, or soil heavily loaded with rock.

•XDP: Heavy-duty excavating in fragmented rock, sandstone, caliche and handling shot rock in abrasive digging conditions.

•SXDP: Excavating in extremely severe and abrasive unshot rock conditions as well as coral, lava, and glacial till.

Esco Bucket Benefits

•The advanced line of ESCO buckets is a result of industry-leading expertise in metallurgy and a tradition of innovative product design.

•Coupled with state of the art manufacturing capabilities, computer aided design and rigorous field testing, ESCO buckets deliver top performance while reducing downtime to the absolute minimum.