•CP Sprockets are precision forged, heat treated from high quality alloy steel and are precisely machined to obtain a matched conveyor chain fit.

•Sprocket teeth are induction hardened to the proper depth for extended wear life


We offer a wide range of steel alloy materials for various paver screeds & floor plates, giving you an option to select the best material for your machine and paving conditions.

•Hardox 400: Our standard selected steel for floor plate & screen production. Hardox steel with hardness up through 430 Brinell is superior to lesser AR 400 materials that other companies provide. Our Hardox quality control insures consistent hardness and abrasion resistance with a minimum of distortion across the working surface of the screed and floor plates. Our premium Hardox steels perform better and last longer, and give better value in tough asphalt paver applications.

•Hardox 500 & Chromium Carbide: We offer custom manufactured Screed & Floor plates from premium Hardox 500 and Chromium Carbide steels, available by special order. These harder, more abrasive resistant materials are a perfect alternative for asphalt pavers used in very high production and extreme abrasive conditions where obtaining the maximum screed and floor plate service life and benefits of reduced maintenance are a primary consideration.

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CP Paver Parts Range

We offer replacement paver parts such as:


•Floor Plates

•Conveyor Chains




•Flight Bars

•Rubber Tracks

•Rubber & Poly Pads

•Track Components


•Plus other popular parts!

Paving Machines

We offer new repair parts for use on:








and many more!

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