CP alternators utilize the most modern technology to provide unmatched performance for a reliable charging system.

Assembled only with premium components to ensure and meet strict quality manufacturing standards.

The units are performance tested to guarantee long term dependable service.

CP alternator units are designed and manufactured to withstand the extreme conditions found in today’s heavy duty equipment while delivering dependable charging power.

•Other part no. not included in the list are available.

•Please contact your sales representative at 253-255-1775 if you have any questions or email us at

•Part Numbers are used for reference purposes only


6N929424V 35A C7, 3406C, 627F, 3508B, 3306 140k, 627F, 12H, Industrial, Gas, Petroleum
112504124V 50A 3406/C, 3408/E, 3412, 3116 16H, 627F, 16G, 637E, 120H, 826C
100504724V 50A 3406/C, 3408/E, 3306, 3116 16h, 627F, 631E, 769C, 12H, 120H, 583R
169334524V 60A 3406C, C15, C7, C13, 3412E 16H, TH35-C15I, 771D, 627F, C280-16
272188924V 150A C13, C6.6, C32, C9.3, C7.1, C15 16M, 930K, D11T, 797F, 725C, 938K, D8T
203549212V 110A 3044C, C3.4, 3046, 3034, 277C, 259B3, 246C, 939C, D5C, 236, 246
212862224V 50A 3064, 3066 311C U, 320C/L
5I7615N/A 3066320, 320 L
212856124V 54A C6.4, 3066 323D, 320D
3E757724V 75A 3512C, 3408E, 3456, 3306, 3508B, 3406 385B, D8R, 627F, 12H, 797B, 797, 16H
383255612V 100A C6.6, C4.4, 3054C 416E, 414E, 422E, Industrial
105281312V 90A 3054/B/C 426C, 428C, 436C, 424D, 416D
117137912V 130A C7, C9, C12, C16, 3126B 460, 85C, 470 R, 480 R, 75C, TH31-C91
306217424V 150A C13, C7, C15, 3512B, C27, 3516C 587T, 583T, D6R, D8T, D7R
185529424V 65A 3406E, C7, C13, C9, C15, 3126B 740, D8R, 336D2, 340D2, M325D
200828124V 75A 3406E, 3408/E, C15, 3456, 3126B, C9 740, D9N, 623G, 621G, D8L, 651B, 657B
2002232 24V 75A C15, 3406E, C18, 3408E, 3176C, 31966 740B, 657G, 631E, 623G, 633E, 160H
226768324V 95A C32, C18, C27, C7.1, C15, C9.3, C6.6 777F, D11T, 772G, 390F, 563C, 775F, D6T
197882024V 95A 3516, C7, C15, 3516B, 3512, 3508B 789C, 793C, D8T, 140K, D9T, 784C
316725124V 105A 3516, 3406C, C7, C18, 3412E, 3512B, C15 793C, 789C, 16H, 793B, 5110B, 785B, 777C
7N611812V 40A 3204 931, D3/LPG, 910
105281112V 55A 3046 939/C, D4C/LGP, D5C, 933
235713324V 80A C13, C9.3, C11, C7.1, C15, C6.6 972H, 366F, 14M, 329E, 352F-VG, 623G
6T119512V 61A 4.236 CS323, CP-323
346982724V 75A C4.4 CS54B, CP54B, 420E, CS44, CP44
346982624V 55A C2.2, 3056E, 3024C CS-563E, Industrial
9G607912V 61A 3208, 3204 D3B, Industrial, Truck
2Y831028V 21A 3304, 3306/B, 3408B D4E, D5E, 966C, 930T, 140B, 930R
107797724V 70A 3116, 3306, 3196, 3176, 3406C D6M/LGP, DR7, 365B, 572R, 966G
204744924V 100A 3408C, 3456, C9, 3176C D9R, 836G, D6R, D8R, D7R
5I517824V 50A S6KT EL200B
6T139524V 35A C15, 3406C, 3408C, G3306B Gas, Industrial, Petroleum, Marine
3E789212V 85A 3408C, C27, 3412E, C32, C9, HT400, CX31-C9I, TH48-E70-C27I
349136912V 85A 3024C Industrial
339776712V C6.6, C4.4, C3.3, 3054C, 3056 Industrial
331571724V 105A 3516C, 3508/B, 3512B, C7, C13 Industrial, Marine
125959712V 145A C7, C13, C9, 3196, 3176, 3126B Industrial, Petroleum, 95E, 75D
5N569224V 45A 3512C, 3406E, C15, C18, C7 Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
7N478412V 40A 3204 IT12, 935C, 931C, D3C, 931B, 910, D4C, D3C
8N226812V 75A 3204 IT12, 935C, D3C, 931C, 910, D4C, D5C, 931B
9W304324V 52A 3054, 3116, 3126, 3208, 3056E M318, CS-563E, 938G, IT28G, IT38G, 322C/LN,
109236224V 55A 3056/E, 3054/T M322C, M315, 312, 317/N, M318C
266722624V 75A 3516B, C18, C7, C32, C9 Marine, Industrial
6T139612V 51A C15, 3406E, G3304, 3306, 3208 Marine, Industrial, Gas
266722724V 60A C15, 3508, 3406C/E, C7, C13, 3456 Marine, Industrial, Truck, Petroleum
266722412V 110A C7, C15, C9, 3406C, 3126B, C18 Marine, Petroleum, Industrial
149206112V 65A 4.236 N/A
096929924V 30A N/A E200B
7G788912V 60A 3406C, C13, C7, 3412, C9, C18 Petroleum, Industrial, Generator Set
100822312V 55A 3054, 3056 TH62, TH103, TH63, Industrial
346982412V 100A C6.6, C4.4, C3.4 TL1255C, TL943C, TL1055C
121413412V 115A 3176B, 3406C, C15, 3456, C13 Truck, Industrial, Petroleum

Warranty Info

All New CP Replacement parts are warranted to be free of defects in material and manufacture workmanship
under normal use and service. Warranty coverage period is not to exceed 18 months from original invoice date
with the exception of parts otherwise noted below:

Diesel Engine Parts

CP internal engine parts (i.e. pistons, rings, liners, etc) and external engine parts (i.e. oil & water pumps,
turbochargers, etc) are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 6 months
after installation, not to exceed 12 months from original invoice date.

Electrical & Hydraulic Components

Are warranted for 6 months after installation, not to exceed 12 months from original invoice date.

Non CP Inventory Parts

Are considered “Special Order” and are not bound by this warranty. Special Order parts are identified as LOC 2 on
a CP Invoice. These include but not limited to: any non-stocking item, parts specifically outsourced for the
customer from a secondary vendor, original surplus, or parts labeled as used “As Is” condition.

General CP Responsibility & Limitations

If claim procedure has been followed and CP determines the claim as approved, the following describe CP’s
maximum responsibility.

Parts: CP, at its option, will replace parts needed or credit the customer’s account.

Labor: CP, upon its prior approval, will reimburse the customer for labor at a costs determined by current published rates and standards in the geographic area in which repairs are performed, not to exceed US $30 per hour. No holiday or overtime rates will be paid by CP.

Maintenance Items: CP, upon its prior approval, will pay for maintenance items such as oil, filters and antifreeze that are not reusable.

Other than as expressly provided hereby, CP shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, damage or loss of other property or equipment, loss of profits or revenue, transportation and towing costs, cost of purchased or replaced good, or claims of customers of the purchaser, which may arise or result from the sale, installation, or use of these parts.

Any tampering or altering of a CP product voids the Warranty and become sole responsibility of the owner. Failures determined to arise from owner or operator abuse, improper assembly, exposure to weather conditions, negligence, damage by accidents, or lack of proper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

Claim Procedure:

1) Customer shall notify CP regarding a warranty claim by contacting a sales rep. Claim description is required
with every claim and is responsibility of customer to complete all information requested in a timely manner.

2) A claim number will be assigned through a sales rep.

3) If determined by our Claims department that more information is required or parts are required to properly evaluate the failure, the customer will be notified and an RGA (Return Goods Authorization) will be generated, no parts will be accepted without an RGA. Failure to cooperate may void the claim due to lack of information and/or parts requested (CP reserves the right to examine every part subject to the claim under this Warranty). Only parts under Warranty that are suspected to have failed are allowed to be returned in used condition with our prior authorization. All parts returned to CP must have original labels and be properly packaged for shipping. CP Warranty will be void if returned merchandise is damaged due to improper packaging or neglect. Coverage will also be void if any third party delivering such merchandise has damaged the product.

4) If a Warranty Claim is denied all parts submitted for examination to CP will be kept for 30 days only.
This Warranty is provided only to direct CP customers and not to any other parties. The parties agree that any legal action, suit or proceeding arising under or in connection with the Warranty shall be instituted in a federal or state court located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, which shall be the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of said legal proceedings.

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