Wedgelock Multi-Model Hydraulic with ‘I-Lock™

•Independent, Initial and Instant Safety System or I-Lock™ is the ultimate coupler back-up locking system available globally.

•Independent safety system mechanically engaged automatically on the front attachment pin without the need to activate the main locking mechanism.

•Instant safety—by securing the attachment to the coupler in the very initial latching stage. Complete independence from primary un-locking step by control switch activation on the operators actions only (not sequenced).

•Built-in time out to re-engage I Lock, If attachment is not disconnected in a timely manner (maximum safety for the longest time possible).

•Suitable for most excavators from 13.0 to 50.0 ton, (28,600 to 110,000 Lbs).


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Excavator i-Lock Couplers

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