Wedgelock Multi-Model Hydraulic ‘I-Lock™’ Tilt Coupler

Primary Wedge – The engagement system incorporates the proven Wedge Locking Principle” for the primary lock, increasing the locking integrity ensuring both attachment pins remain tight.

Instant Knuckle – Automatically secures the attachment to the coupler the instant the front jaw comes into contact with the first pin. The instant locking eliminates the risk of losing control of the attachment during the “high risk” latching phase.

2 Line Circuit – The built in “Smart Controls” enables fully enhanced functionality of the I-Lock™ Coupler whilst maintaining the all-important instant locking with only 2 hydraulic lines being required.

Check Valve – Integrated into the primary cylinder, the pilot operated safety check valve locks in the hydraulic pressure.

Wedgelock Multi Model™ – Enables operators to connect to any attachment within the same weight class.

Time Out Function – The electronic Time-Out function ensures the safety knuckle automatically resets to the safe position placing the couple in the safe mode.

Audible Warning Buzzer – The built in audible warning buzzer, with dual frequencies, notifies the operator which mode the coupler is in, further improving and assisting the operator during attachment change over.

Center Lift – The certified lifting point, standard on all I-Lock™ Couplers, is welded centrally to the coupler chassis, providing the operator with a safe and durable lifting point.

HELAC POWERTILT Technology – Incorporating the latest Power Tilt rotary actuator technology from HELAC, tilting your attachments through 140 to 180 degrees
Hose Through Rotary Union –– The two line coupler circuit is transferred through the drive foot rotary union, minimizing potential hose damage.


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