315 Simplex Supreme Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF) (2.5 Gallon)


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Performance Benefits

•Meets and exceeds John Deere’s current J20C specification.
•Universal tractor hydraulic fluid.
•Optimizes performance for more reliable hydraulic performance.
•Reduces hydraulic operating temperatures.
•Excellent oxidation and thermal stability.
•Significantly reduces wear and scoring on gears.
•Reduces brake/chatter noise.
•Excellent low temperature properties for use in extreme climate conditions.
•Longer fluid life.
•Compatibility with all types of seals.

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•Simplex Supreme Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF) is engineered to meet the widest possible range of equipment manufacturers’ performance requirements—including John Deere J20C. Simplex Supreme THF is blended with superior polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic oils, 100% paraffin base oils, a high viscosity index and a carefully balanced additive package. The unique formula allows Simplex Supreme THF to withstand higher temperatures (up to 250 °F more) than conventional oils.

•Simplex Supreme THF offers stable, balanced friction performance, which provides smoother, quieter and more efficient hydraulic performance. Simplex Supreme THF is compatible with other fluids on the market, which eliminates the need to drain the system before using Simplex Supreme.

•Simplex Supreme THF meets and exceeds the service make-up and refill requirements of transmissions, differentials, final drives, hydraulic, power steering and wet brake systems of this type of equipment, especially those that employ a common reservoir or sump.

Schaeffer's Benefits

Better durability for more uptime and productivity

•Changing fuel prices and rising equipment costs combined with tight job schedules are forcing contractors to find new ways to manage their business. Equipment breakdowns can bring work to a halt – and the cost of downtime quickly adds up. When you need equipment running all day, you need lubricants rugged enough to withstand severe conditions. You need Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

•Extreme temperatures, heavy loads and long days working in dirt, rocks and dust – we can take it. Delivering excellent stay-in-grade performance, our lubricants can more than meet the demands of your equipment. Our lubricants create a lasting shield against friction, wear and heat. Metal surfaces, seals and hoses are protected from extremities, which means fewer breakdowns on the jobsite. Hour after hour, equipment runs cooler and operates smoother as you dig, lift and move.

Put our products to the test. We’re ready to help you reduce downtime, extend equipment life and protect profitability.

Excellent Compatibility with Seals and Hoses:
Leaking seals and hose failures rob your equipment of efficiency and expose your lubricants to contaminants. Schaeffer’s products are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of seals and hoses, which promotes longer component and fluid life and less hassle.

Extended Fuel Economy and Drain Intervals:
Reducing friction, heat and wear means equipment doesn’t have to work harder or use more fuel and fluids to stay productive. Schaeffer’s products help you lower operating costs by reducing fuel and lubricant usage.

Reduced Varnish, Soot and Carbon Buildups:
Equipment works harder and uses more fuel and lubricants when inner components are clogged with varnish, soot and carbon buildup. Using enhanced detergency additives, our lubricants help disperse this harmful gunk and provide exceptional keep-clean performance.

Reduce operating temperatures:
Overheating equipment causing you to lose valuable hours on the job site? Our lubricants reduce friction and dissipate heat faster so you can keep working longer. Cooler operating temperatures prolongs your lubricant and equipment life.

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