Tractor 3 Point Mechanical Broom Model ARMT



General Specifications

– Mechanically driven rotary angle broom
– Available in 5′ (60″), 6′ (72″), 7′ (84″), 8′ (96″), and 9′ (108″) widths
– Hydraulic swing capable of 30° left or right of center
– Broom speed up to 200 RPM, dependent on prime mover
– Storage stands for simple mounting, dis-mounting and storage
– Mounted to Category I or II 3 Point Hitch

Standard Model

-5 foot (60″) Broom
-Poly/Wire Brush
-Hydraulic Swing
-M-B Yellow
-Category I or II Three Point Tractor Mount


-32″ O.D x 10″ I.D wafer style brush
-2″ spacers manufactured from 20-gauge mild steel strap
-Brush core can be installed with either end to the left or right with no effect on sweeping performance
-Brush and core assembly can be removed from frame without disconnecting hoses from drive motor(s)

Brush Frame

-3 1/2″ O.D round tubular cross member
-Two brush arms formed from 1/4″ steel plate
-Heavy duty, self-aligning, pillow block bearings support the broom core

Brush Hood

-Manufactured from 16-Gauge steel with formed edge fold for additional strength
-12-Gauge steel end plates
-Hood covers 145° of brush
-Pre-drilled holes for easy installation of front deflector

Brush Lift

-Lift provided by means of prime mover

Brush Drive

-Driveshaft from tractor’s 540 RPM PTO is connected to broom gearbox
-Gearbox drives a cross shaft connected to a chain and sprocket system to drive the brush core


-Steel surfaces undergo a phosphatizing acid bath to clean and etch the surfaces to provide superior adhesion.
-Epoxy primer and polyerethane topcoat.
-Painted M-B yellow.

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