293A Supreme Gear Lube 80W-90 (140 lb Pail)


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Performance Benefits

•Extreme pressure properties to reduce excessive wear and fatigue.
•Superior oxidation and thermal stability and durability.
•Better heat transfer; lower operating temperatures.
•Prevents soot and carbon deposits on gears, bearings and seals.
•Low temperature fluidity.
•Excellent hydrolytic and demulsibility characteristics.
•Compatibility with all types of seals.
•Protects against rust and corrosion.

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•With its excellent stay-in-grade performance, Supreme Gear Lube is recommended for enclosed industrial and automotive gear drivers requiring extreme pressure protection.

•Supreme Gear Lube is a para-synthetic, multi-purpose lubricant made with severely hydrofinished polyalphaolefin (PAO) and severely hydro-finished, 100% paraffin base stocks and a high viscosity index. This advanced formula delivers thermal and oxidation durability and stability capable of withstanding temperatures up to 175°F higher than conventional gear lubes.

•Supreme Gear Lube is blended with moly to create a fine, but highly durable shield on metal surfaces. As conditions intensify, Supreme Gear Lube protects gears and bearings against excessive wear, friction and vibration. By reducing friction, wear and thermal degradation, Supreme Gear Lube extends equipment and fluid life and boosts energy efficiency.

Safety Sheet Data

Supreme Gear Lube is a multipurpose, thermally stable, thermally durable, parasynthetic gear lubricant
recommended for use in all types of enclosed industrial and automotive gear drives where extreme pressure
characteristics are needed.

Supreme Gear Lube is blended from the finest, high quality, severely hydrotreated, polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic
base fluids and severely solvent refined, severely hydrofinished, high viscosity index, 100% pure paraffin base oils
available. This unique combination provides Supreme Gear Lube with the following advantages:

1. Excellent low temperature properties which results in the bearings and gears being
instantly lubricated at sub-zero temperatures the moment they start turning.
2. Superior oxidation stability.
3. Excellent resistance to thermal degradation
4. Excellent hydrolytic and demulsibility characteristics
5. Low coefficients of traction, which result in fuel economy benefits.
6. A high viscosity index
7. Increased wear protection and longer gear life
8. Compatibility with all types of seals.

Blended into these parasynthetic base oils is a highly specialized, non-corrosive, thermally stable, thermally durable, multifunctional, extreme pressure additive package that provides the Supreme Gear Lube with the following
performance advantages:

1. Enhanced thermal and oxidation stability and durability to handle operating temperatures of 250ºF to 300ºF.
2. Excellent extreme pressure properties to protect the gears and bearings from excessive wear and fatigue.
3. Prevention of the formation of sludge and carbon deposits that can erode seals
4. Excellent seal compatibility.
5. Enhanced protection of copper, brass and bronze components from corrosion.
6. Non-corrosivity to brass, bronze and other non-ferrous metal parts.
7. Excellent protection of components from rust and corrosion in dry conditions and in the presence of moisture.
8. Excellent resistance to water and moisture
9. Excellent water separability characteristics
10. Enhanced gear, bearing and seal cleanliness
11. Excellent resistance to foaming.

The trend among automotive and industrial gear drive manufacturers is to operate the equipment at higher
speeds, loads, power densities and increased torque which results in higher operating temperatures and extreme
thermal stress on the gear lubricants.

Therefore, it is important that gear lubricants possess thermal stability and thermal durability characteristics. Gear lubricants without these properties rapidly oxidize and decompose at high temperatures which results in: the
formation of sludge, varnish, and carbon deposits on the gears, bearings and seals; abraded seals, premature seal hardening and brittleness; and loss of the extreme pressure additives’ ability to protect against excessive wear, spalling and overall distress to the gears and bearings.

Supreme Gear Lube resists oxidation and thermal stress at operating temperatures 150F to
175F higher than conventional gear lubricants because of the use of parasynthetic base oils and
a thermally stable, thermally durable, multifunctional, extreme pressure additive package. This
combination provides the following benefits:

1. A vast reduction in the formation of deposits.
2. Better heat transfer.
3. Excellent protection to the gears and bearings even under the most extreme
thermally, stressed operating conditions.
4. Less wear to gears, bearings and seals.
5. Increased oil seal life.
6. Lower operating temperatures
7. Less energy consumption
8. Longer lubricant and equipment life
9. Reduced equipment downtime and maintenance costs

Most gearing is designed to perform under hydrodynamic lubrication conditions. That is, a full
fluid film must separate the metal surfaces of the gears and bearings during operation. However,
during periods of cold start up, extremely high operating temperatures or high shock loading
conditions this full fluid film can be destroyed. Boundary lubrication is needed to prevent excessive
wear when this full fluid film is destroyed.

Micron Moly®, a proven friction reducer, is added to Supreme Gear Lube to provide boundary
lubrication. Micron Moly®, a liquid soluble type moly, plates itself to the metal surfaces of the
gears and bearings. Once plated, Micron Moly® forms an indestructible, long-lasting, solid
lubricant film capable of withstanding pressures up to 500,000 psi. This solid lubricant film, once
plated to the gears and bearings, will reduce friction, vibration, and wear, thus extending
equipment life.

Micron Moly® also provides a smooth finished surface on all moving parts of the gear drives. This
smooth finish minimizes the action of cold welding and vibration, which can occur during start up
after the gears have been standing idle and during periods of high shock loading. This in turn
lessens starting loads and peak power demand; thus, resulting in a realistic fuel economy cost

Supreme Gear Lube contains an adhesive-cohesive additive, which allows the product to
tenaciously stick and cling to the gears and bearings. This ensures that Supreme Gear Lube
retains a fine film that “stays put” on the metal surface of the gears and bearings regardless of
how thoroughly it is wiped away.

Supreme Gear Lube contains the proper additive system to function and lubricate limited
slip, positraction, and high offset hypoid gear rear ends and differentials.

Schaeffer's Benefits

Better durability for more uptime and productivity

•Changing fuel prices and rising equipment costs combined with tight job schedules are forcing contractors to find new ways to manage their business. Equipment breakdowns can bring work to a halt – and the cost of downtime quickly adds up. When you need equipment running all day, you need lubricants rugged enough to withstand severe conditions. You need Schaeffer’s Specialized Lubricants.

•Extreme temperatures, heavy loads and long days working in dirt, rocks and dust – we can take it. Delivering excellent stay-in-grade performance, our lubricants can more than meet the demands of your equipment. Our lubricants create a lasting shield against friction, wear and heat. Metal surfaces, seals and hoses are protected from extremities, which means fewer breakdowns on the jobsite. Hour after hour, equipment runs cooler and operates smoother as you dig, lift and move.

Put our products to the test. We’re ready to help you reduce downtime, extend equipment life and protect profitability.

Excellent Compatibility with Seals and Hoses:
Leaking seals and hose failures rob your equipment of efficiency and expose your lubricants to contaminants. Schaeffer’s products are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of seals and hoses, which promotes longer component and fluid life and less hassle.

Extended Fuel Economy and Drain Intervals:
Reducing friction, heat and wear means equipment doesn’t have to work harder or use more fuel and fluids to stay productive. Schaeffer’s products help you lower operating costs by reducing fuel and lubricant usage.

Reduced Varnish, Soot and Carbon Buildups:
Equipment works harder and uses more fuel and lubricants when inner components are clogged with varnish, soot and carbon buildup. Using enhanced detergency additives, our lubricants help disperse this harmful gunk and provide exceptional keep-clean performance.

Reduce operating temperatures:
Overheating equipment causing you to lose valuable hours on the job site? Our lubricants reduce friction and dissipate heat faster so you can keep working longer. Cooler operating temperatures prolongs your lubricant and equipment life.

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