CATERPILLAR 966G,H 970F, 972G,H HALF ARROW CENTER BLADE (1006668 & 140-6823) 1006668HA

Construction Parts LLC half arrow edges and segments are designed and built to perform using our HighSpec Alloy X14 steel for excellent wear characteristics and superior impact resistance.

Half Arrow Edges are used to replace the standard double bevel design commonly used on loaders when no tooth and adapter options are installed.

Segments are placed between loader teeth to protect the base edge of the bucket. The half arrow design offers enhanced protection for the edge and bevel. Combining half arrow shaped segments or blades with construction Parts LLC base edge covers completely protects the base edge from abrasion.

Construction Parts LLC Half Arrow designs offer the benefits of more material in the high-wear areas, increased bucket capacity, and enhanced bucket penetration.

Maximum depth countersinking allows for optimum use of wear material before the bolt head’s failure. The sharpened nose design offers excellent penetration capability and enhanced material flow into the bucket.

The combination of half arrow blades and base edge covers protects the base edge while optimizing the flow of material into and out of the bucket. Construction Parts LLC unique design puts more wear material where it is needed most, on the underside of the blades where abrasion is highest.


CAT 1006668HA – CAST HALF ARROW EDGE 1006668

WIDTH: 15.625 ”
LENGTH: 35.375 ”
BOLT DIAM: 1.25 ”
HOLE 1 DIST END: 8.781 ”
HOLE 1 DIST 1 TO 2: 17.813 ”
HOLE 1 DIST 2 TO 3: 0.000 ”

Additional information

Weight 240.00 lbs
Dimensions 35.375 × 15.625 × 1.75 in

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