1F7958 1/2" Washer

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Shank and Thread Length

The weakest part of a plow bolt is the threaded area. Some of the competitors bolts are threaded the entire length of the bolt. It is always better to have a shank, or unthreaded part of the bolt in the critical area. The critical area when attaching cutting edges is between the blade and the moldboard where the largest concentration of shear pressure is found. Having a bolt with threads in this area weakens the entire system and leads to a higher percentage of bolts being sheared off or other premature

Oversize Shank

Some of the competitors bolts do not offer the heavier shank on the 1 ¼ inch bolts. This oversize shank is standard
on our bolts, offering the customer a much stronger system.

Thicker Domed Head

The CP bolt offers a thicker head than some of the competitors. This simply offers more wear life against abrasion, making the bolt last longer and thus keeping the blades longer. Tensile Strength The measurement gives you an indication of how much the bolt can be stretched before it goes into failure. The higher tensile strength bolt allows more torque to be placed on the fastening system, keeping the blade tight and resulting in fewer failures. Our bolts  meet the Grade 8 specification of 150,000 PSI. 

Range of Product

Construction Parts stocks an excellent range of hardware for cutting edge applications. CP Fasteners offers the widest range of sizes in the industry, allowing you to offer your customers the right bolt for their needs.

Competitive Pricing

We import directly from the manufacturer in full container load quantities and offer what we believe to be the best pricing possible for the best quality hardware available in the industry today.

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Construction Parts
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Ground Engaging Tools
G.E.T is warranted against premature breakage for a period of 90 days from original invoice date, ground engaging tools include, but are not limited to:
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  • Hardware
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Non Stocking Parts
Are considered “Special Order” and are not bound by this warranty. These include but not limited to:
  • Any non-stocking item
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